'Supporting those receiving immunotherapy by supporting those delivering it'

Tuesday 23rd of April 6:30pm  

Ask a Question: A Focus on Athralgia

Join the IOCNs next  ‘Ask a Question' webinar with a focus on Arthralgia

This will be a free interactive webinar with cases and questions answered by a panel of experts. Discover answers to the questions you have about arthralgia.

If you are interested in this event we would be very grateful if you could register your interest and let us know your questions

You will of course have an opportunity to ask questions to our panel at the webinar.

Sign up to the webinar here!

Our Ethos

Dr Anna Olsson-Brown   |   IOCN Founder and CEO

"Our mission is to build an Immuno-Oncology (IO) community to improve patient care.

Immunotherapy has revolutionised cancer care and is increasingly used to treat cancer in the curative and palliative setting. Despite advances in Immuno-oncology treatments many challenges remain, including the immune-mediated side effects from treatment that hinder its use.

We support all healthcare professionals involved in caring for patients receiving immunotherapy to help address these challenges."

Our 5 Key Pillars